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The Town of Topsail Beach is continuing to monitor the progress of the proposed flood map amendments for our community.  It has been an ongoing process for several years and has led to several questions from our citizens.  Below is a quick review of the current status for map approval.  

The preliminary flood maps were first available for inspection in 2014. Those counties and municipalities effected were asked to review the maps and submit any objections or changes.   In November 2015, the Town submitted an appeal to the proposed VE delineation of a large section in Town between Clark Ave and Scott Ave.   The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program (NCFMP) reviewed all appeals submitted for the county, including the towns, and released the revised preliminary maps in November 2018.  You can find the revised preliminary maps as proposed at:

Unfortunately, there have been many holdups with the adoption of the flood maps ranging from government shutdowns to a federal freeze on 90-day comment periods due to the COVID pandemic. But the longest delay came when the State decided to include the adoption of flood maps for the coastal area of Pender County with the adoption of the Onslow County flood maps, which was further behind in the adoption process. This allowed for the western section of Pender County to continue moving forward, leaving the coastal areas to wait for the Onslow County appeals to be reviewed and revised maps published based on final determination of those appeals.  

The Town is currently waiting on our Letter of Final Determination (LFD) which will trigger a 6-month deadline for the Board of Commissioners to adopt an updated Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance which will include the proposed revised preliminary flood maps.  The latest “guesstimate” on the timing is now late 2021.