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Dune construction and dredging has now been completed for this season. All piping and other equipment will be removed from the main beach area over the next few days, although staging equipment could remain at the Crews Ave & Drum Ave vehicle beach accesses until May 31, 2020. Weeks Marine will be returning during the next dredging season (late fall/early winter) to complete our project.

With the project winding down for the season, we have received several questions about the next steps. Town staff has begun to put together a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help address some of these concerns as best we can. We know that there will be other questions, and we encourage you to contact us so that we can put together a comprehensive list for everyone.

Two questions most often asked referred to the new dune and the ability to build crossovers to the dry sand beach. Let’s address each of those here. 

How Do We Protect The New Dune? There is concern that pedestrian traffic and activity would damage the new dune.  We have had several discussions with our engineers and others on how to protect the new dune until sea oats are planted. It was determined that normal pedestrian activity would have less impact to the new dune than focusing people to cross in a specific location. We want to encourage all beachgoers to respect our new dune and limit their activity to only what is necessary to access the beach. The beach nourishment efforts have given the Town 75 feet of beautiful dry sand beach area for your physical activities (walking, running, exercising) as well as your beach equipment (towels, chairs, tents etc.). We encourage everyone to take advantage of the beach and try to stay off the dune as much as possible. Once the new dune is vegetated, the Town will likely add additional restrictions. The extra beach patrol we have during the summer season will help monitor excessive activity or those damaging the dune and act accordingly.    

Can I extend my crossover? The Town has been working with CAMA on this issue and has recently received their decision concerning beach crossovers. There shall be no crossovers or similar hardened structure built until dune has stabilized with vegetation. CAMA did provide other alternatives, including the use of matting and a rope handrail system if they meet certain criteria. 


Release Date: May 15, 2020

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